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  • 6300-CX


    Cellular Extender

    Primary and backup cellular
    connectivity when you need
    it and where you need it.

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  • 5301-DC


    Dial To IP Converter

    Legacy dial-up devices
    connect to your IP network
    via Ethernet.

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  • Accelerated View


    Cloud Management
    & Reporting

    Fully responsive cloud-based monitoring,
    reporting, maps and other features from
    any computer or mobile device.

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  • Industry


    Connected is Everything

    Stay connected with
    proven solutions for Retail,
    Financial, Healthcare,
    Insurance, Manufacturing
    and more.

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Retail Solutions For Maximum Uptime
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Accelerated Goes All-In with New LTE Cellular Extender Model 6300-CX
Posted by Accelerated Concepts in News & Press on 5/20/2015
In today’s connected world of Machine to Machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT), Accelerated is announcing the availability of its next generation cellular modem with enhanced performance at an affordable price.

Posted by Matt Ramsay in Accelerated Blog on 5/18/2015
Retail locations can benefit from using wireless cellular networks as either their primary connectivity option or as a wireless cellular failover system (i.e. provide emergency backup connectivity) from their traditional network to thus guarantee uninterrupted Internet access for all their locations.

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